Asociación Cultural Dayuri

Dayuri is an NGO based in Llanera, Asturias, in the north of Spain. It is a young and dynamic organisation with a short life, but lots of energy and enthusiasm. The association was born with the aim of promoting social participation and value education, fostering gender equality and social inclusion. 

Our main goal is to cause a positive impact in society through different interventions and actions related to several social areas, promoting European values, and enhancing personal growth through education, respect and access to culture. 

To this end, we provide activities, resources, training and services to the general population, especially to young people at local, national and European level, promoting the exchange of good practices in all areas (social, cultural and educational) and fostering transnational cooperation. 

We also highlight interculturality and diversity as positive and enriching values. Another of our key objectives is to increase awareness of environmental problems, encouraging sustainability as a transversal value in each one of the activities carried out by the association.


We focus on encouraging cooperating and creating networks that allow us to grow, improve every day and make our contribution to build a better society.

Our team

Dayuri is made up by 5 young professionals who have different background and training. We share a common set of values and work every day to meet the goals of the organisation.

Our values

We are guided by a set of main values: transparency, equality, commitment, integrity and respect. We also highlight interculturality, diversity and sustainability as key pillars of our work.

Our target groups

Our activities and projects are targeted to the general population. We develop specific programmes for young people, as well specific groups.

Our network

We collaborate with organisations that help us grow and develop quality services. We strongly believe in cooperation as a driving force.